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Tax Investigation Management Services

HM Revenue & Customs generated an astonishing £26.6bn from compliance activity in 2015/16, matching the figure they collected for 2014/15.

With an increased target to achieve an additional yield of £27bn for 2016/17, now is the time to protect yourself from the threat.

A bad result during a tax enquiry can leave your business or personal life in shreds, with many businesses forced to close due to the financial pressure.

Why do you need this?

Because HMRC can select any taxpayer for an investigation, it is your responsibility to prove your innocence. Expert defence is crucial to ensure that the Inspector treats you fairly and that you only pay the right amount of tax. As part of the tax investigations package, we will:

  • Handle all meetings and correspondence with the tax inspector

  • Negotiate on your behalf to make you pay the right amount of tax

  • Ensure you are treated fairly by HMRC

  • Give you complete peace of mind that you will have the funds for a robust defence

With HMRC committed to reducing the £34bn tax gap, and with 46% of its staff dedicated to enforcement and compliance, we believe compliance activity is one of the biggest threats facing our clients over the next few years.

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