We are fully aware with the hot issues affecting dentists and the prevailing environment in which they operate.

We have many years of specialised experience in dealing and acting for dentists, which means we know exactly how to deal with client’s affairs when it comes to matters like tax and accountancy.
We provide a comprehensive range of services for dentist and clients within the dental profession including, associates, principals, partnerships, incorporated practices, self employed hygienists, and consultants.

We have a team of vastly experienced individuals who have sound skills and technical ability in dealing with tax, accounting, and business side of the dental profession.
We believe in providing excellent customer service to clients who are busy with their professional lives. We will guide, advise you on the best practices to be adopted when it comes to decision making time, i.e., purchasing a new practice.

Due to the inherently complex UK tax system, we are prepared to micro manage our clients tax administration side until they have proper administration support in place.

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