Building and Construction

Due to UK’s long lasting love affair with the property industry, we are seeing an increasing trend in growth in the number of clients whom we act for in the construction industry:

·         Building Contractors
·         Subcontractors and Tradesman,
·         But to let property investors
·         Property developers

Clients of these industries tend to be interested in our specialist

services due to our reputation.

Compliance Services
·         Initial help with start up ( incorporation and tax registrations)
·         Preparation of statutory accounts, tax returns and submission.
·         Selecting and applying accounting policies in accordance with Industry norm
·         Dealing with HMRC tax enquires, in many ways

Outsourced services
·        Payroll & CIS managing and administration.

Advisory Services
·         Obtaining CIS Gross payment Statement
·         Comparing personal and corporate ownership for investment properties
·         Effective tax planning and Business finance issues
·         VAT on property related transactions
·         Minimising tax liability on company Vehicles

Constructions industry clients who fear HMRC might enquire on their tax affairs may wish to consider taking out our tax investigation insurance, prior to dealing with their tax work.

Construction is a sector which requires specialised accountancy and tax knowledge. Be confident in hiring us as your professional accountants to safeguard your interests. We will be more than happy to supply with referees from other construction business, once we receive their approval.

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