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I am very pleased with the excellent, friendly, and professional service that Matplus have displayed in the past couple of months in dealing with my tax affairs.
They are super accommodating and strive to ensure that the job is done thoroughly, speedily, and professionally through email communication and face to face meetings.
Mr Punjani is very personable and client friendly and importantly patient in answering questions. He acknowledges the fact that clients need reassurance in this expert field and is happy to explain matter in straight forward language.
I would definitely recommend Matplus to my family and friends without hesitation and would happily continue to use them for my ongoing accountancy and tax affairs

Mr Haseeb Hanif

Matplus is not your average accountancy practice, you can trust them to come up with financial solutions for all of your business needs. Arif Punjani understood our start-up requirements and advised us expertly through the SEIS process.


Matplus are very professional and very knowledgeable regarding my business. I don’t see them as my accountant, they treat me as a friend, and they give me advice regarding my tax matters like you talk to your friend and seeking solution. I’m very happy with the service and recommend them to everyone.

Rajoo Sachdeva

Great service!!!! would highly recommend. Sensible advice and Very professional staff thank you so much.

Webodream LTD

Working with MATPLUS Chartered Accountants since last 3 years filling my VAT and Payroll very happy with them i would highly recommend them

Eagles Teltech LTD

What I have found most pleasing in our relationship with Matplus, is their constant effort of offering me the opportunity to save time and money, plus their awareness in the changes that constantly take place where tax and revenue are concerned. They are always happy to assist when I have a problem or need assistance.
I feel very comfortable when dealing with them and see our relationship widening as my business grows in the UK.

Mir Ali Akber

We cannot offer anything but verbal praise for Matplus Ltd. We commend the overall performance, behaviour and attitude of anyone associated with the company. “Matplus Ltd are very straightforward to deal with and more significantly have taken the stress factor out of my accounting needs for the past two tax years. I am therefore happy to recommend them to others

Mr Ajit Hanspal

MATPLUS Accounting are very straightforward to deal with and more significantly have taken the stress factor out of my accounting needs for the past two tax years.they has been very helpful in sorting out our tax issues and VAT for us and I am therefore happy to recommend them to others

AB Pharma LTD

I am working with Matplus team since last three years, and i find them very supportive and always get the positive response in time of need. i do recommend to my friends when they need help in tax and account contact with Matplus.

Z&P Business Solutions LTD

I have recently formed a new company and found Matplus helpful and very professional, I would strongly recommend the company to all new businesses

BWS Security LTD

I have been with Matplus for 5 years. They have always been professional, friendly and helpful. I would gladly recommend them to Friends and Family

Mrs Suenette Hoon

very good services with good knowledge of accountancy and taxation

Mobile Market LTD

very friendly staff would recommend to my friends and family member. very happy with the service is provided

Shamz Distributors UK LTD

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