How can we help with Probate?

We can assist with applying for a Grant of Probate and dealing with all aspects of the estate including the inheritance tax position. Following a death, if you are connected to an estate either as an executor of the will, or in another way including intestacy, we are able to provide you with clear practical advice on what to do. Our team will listen to your individual circumstances and will provide you with advice and support including:

The initial steps that need to taken

  • A guide to the process by which the Grant of Probate is obtained
  • Assistance with the administration of the estate and confirmation of the related responsibilities
  • Advice on the legal and tax issues related to probate including inheritance tax
  • Provision of client account facilities during the period of administration
  • Assistance in dealing with tax issues arising in the administration period including income tax and capital gains tax
  • Production of estate accounts covering the period of administration

We offer an initial meeting at no cost to establish the circumstances of the estate. We will then provide you with a no obligation quote for our services on a fixed fee basis

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