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Completing IHT forms

HMRC is in the process of introducing online filing for IHT returns. Online filing is not universally available yet so this blog is based on the process required for paper filing. In the case of an excepted estate, the following forms may need to be sent to the Probate Registry (not HMRC!) as part of the grant application. […]

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Excepted Estates

What is an excepted estate? Majority of estates are excepted estates, meaning there is no Inheritance Tax (IHT) liability because there are insufficient assets chargeable to IHT. However, there are other conditions that the estate must also meet. Where the death is after 1st of September 2006, the estate may be an excepted estate if […]

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Domicile Status

Being a UK domicile is relevant when it comes to working out the IHT liability on the deceased’s estate and the forms being submitted to HMRC and the Probate Registry. If the Deceased was a UK domiciled, the IHT liability is calculated on the all of their worldwide assets. However, if the deceased is not […]

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Have you made a Will?

According to the National Consumer Council 30% of over 65s, 45% of 55-64 year olds, and 61% of 45-54 year olds do not have a valid will. It is important to have a will in place in order to assure all your assets and valuables go to the right beneficiaries and avoid creating any unnecessary […]

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